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Digital Dental X-Rays

Rockhampton Digital Dental X-Rays

The images taken from digital dental X-rays provide us with valuable information about your teeth and gums and help us plan the best treatment for any problems that you have.

Of course, the machines used for dental X-rays do involve radiation, but the amount of exposure is extremely small, which is why studies have shown that dental X-rays are safe for most people in most situations.

At Faith Dental, we use digital x-rays with image plate technology which reduce your radiation  exposure by  50% to 70% compared to traditional dental x-rays.

Although the amount of radiation in dental X-rays is quite low and the procedure is safe, pregnant women should refrain from dental X-rays unless they are necessary. If you are pregnant and you require dental X-rays, we will have you wear a lead apron with a lead thyroid collar to protect vulnerable areas.